Monday, April 29, 2013

Raising Pigs

Raising Pigs

I have always wanted to raise farm animals but never went through with it. My husband didn't mind the idea but it was mostly my idea. After we got our chickens, I really wanted to raise a feeder pig. After we found out that pigs do better in pairs or more, we asked my in-laws (who live next door) if they would like to get a pig too and we could raise them together. They said yes so I got on the internet and started looking to find somewhere we could get some pigs. I found an ad on Craigslist for a guy who raised show pigs, so I called him up to see if he would also have feeder pigs. Well turns out they are about the same thing. He said he had a couple pigs that would do well for us.
At the time we had nowhere to put any pigs. It was getting late in the season though and the pigs were getting bigger so if we were going to get any pigs, we needed to do it quickly. So I told the guy that we would pick up the pigs on Sunday (3 days from the time I called). That meant that my husband and father in law would have to get a fence built that would hold our pigs and give them some shelter in 2 days time. They worked their butts off and got it built. They even had to work in the rain. They had to dig trenches to bury the fence 2 ft. down because pigs are pretty destructive and love to dig. They finished the fence at 1:30 Sunday and we needed to pick up the pigs at 2:00. Just in time!
We got our piggies home and they are loving the mud. The kids really love them, especially Ben :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hartman Family-Lifestyle

Hartman Family Lifestyle Session

Just a couple months ago I started offering Lifestyle sessions to my clients. It is truly what I am passionate about and I want to remember all those major events, and little details about my children and the ones I love. And I want to do that for other people to....
Remember....                             When our firstborn learned to walk
Those chubby arms she used to wrap around my neck so tightly
 The way she used to suck her thumb


The way she used to curl her tiny toes


Her wispy baby curls

And that silly yet adorable face she would make.
They won't stay little forever...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens

This is my first blog post so I'm learning as I go. I thought I'd just start with a blog about raising our chickens. My husband and I recently purchased some chickens online, 8 Barred Rock and 8 Buff Orpingtons. We plan on keeping some chickens for the eggs and some we plan to butcher for the meat. We also would like to start hatching our own eggs once these chickens start to lay. They are now 7 weeks old. We converted our shed into a coop and then built a little fence onto the side of it. The twins love the chickens and love trying to catch them but my oldest, Penny, could take them or leave them. That's why she's not in any pictures with them ;)